P1TS - P1Software Timing and Scoring

Single-page App for Race Strategists: All your critical display on one page, for 1920 x 1080 high resolution monitors.

Additional Strategy displays: What is everyone's pit strategies? When might overtakes occur?

Alternative TABBED App: Strat 1 panels split into multiple single-task monitor displays.

SMART PHONE App: Essential P1TS data that fits in your hand.

Windows command line tool that generates and refreshes CSV files from P1TS server data, for use by Excel.

*** IMSA-only Early Engineering Preview *** - Excel add-in that live fetches data from a P1TS server and directly writes data into into your Excel spreadsheets for easy access.

Relay this P1TS server's data to your team account on www.P1TS.Live for remote Internet access.

Forgot your password? Send it automatically to your registered addresses (requires Internet connection)

Task-oriented guide and videos

How to Install and Run; Systems and Network Requirements

Software update changelog

Single page product overview for SRO

Single page product overview for IMSA

Condenses the User Guide onto a single cheat sheet (laminate me)

Single page Strat 2 cheat sheet (laminate me)

How to quickly install and run P1TS (laminate me with Network Troubleshooting)

How to troubleshoot network problems (laminate me with Quick Start)

Everything P1TS related on the web (requires Internet connection)

Register for P1TS Trial (requires Internet connection)

Purchase a P1TS license (requires Internet connection)