P1TS Network Troubleshooting Sheet January 1, 2020

This Network Troubleshooting sheet describes a series of diagnostic steps to take if you encounter possible network problems when running P1TS. Understanding the topics in the following publications will be very helpful.

We will refer to this network diagram.

1. Is Chrome PC connected to P1TS Server PC?

Verify that your Chrome address bar is using the correct IP address for the P1TS Server. On your P1TS Server PC run Windows' ipconfig.exe command line program to find its IP address:

  1. The P1TS Server's IP address normally appears in its title bar ( in this example)
  2. If the above fails, run Windows' ipconfig.exe command line program on your P1TS Server PC to find its IP address:
    • Start > Run and type cmd /k ipconfig to run ipconfig.exe.
    • In the resulting cmd window, find the IPv4 Address.

Now verify that the Chrome PC has network connectivity to the P1TS Server PC by running Windows' ping.exe command line program on your Chrome PC:

2. Is the P1TS Server running?

In the Chrome PC's P1TS web page, examine Network tab:

To determine if the P1TS Server is running, you can do the following on the P1TS Server PC. If it is not running, run Start P1TS Server.

3. Is P1TS Server connected to timing-data.aks?

Verify that the P1TS Server PC can reach IMSA's timing-data.aks system.